Refund Policy

  1. Registration, Admin fee, content and study material fee is not refundable under any circumstances post confirmation of admission.
  2. Complete fee for short term course fees (i.e., crash courses), test series, correspondence course fees and video lectures courses is not refundable.
  3. Tuition fee, technology and infra fee, and examination fee is refundable and refundable amount will be calculated based on the cost of services utilized.
  4. Scholarship amount will not be considered in calculating the cost of services provided, Scholarship amount has been offered on the assumption that student will attend the complete course.
  5. Cost of services utilized is calculated based on the following formula: (Sum of Tuition, tech & infra fee, and examination fee without scholarship) * (No of months service has been availed) / (Duration of course in months).
  6. Start date will be counted as the date of enrolment.
  7. Course duration is calculated based on course start date / enrolment date, whichever is later to the course end date.
  8. If the student withdraws within the first month of the start of the course, then “Admission Fee” + “First Month Fee” (+ GST) will be deducted from the Total Paid Fees.
  9. If the student withdraws after the initial month, then Admission Fee + First Month Fee + Total Completed Quarters Charge (including the Quarter during which the application was submitted) (+ GST) will be deducted from the Total Paid Fees.
  10. After depositing money towards ‘Registration & Admission’, If a student becomes disinterested in the institute due to any reason whatsoever and wants to take his/her money back, the institute will refund the money within 30 days of registration along with PDC submitted.